The Surround is an innovative new theatre project in San Antonio, Texas focused on creating new communities around the themes seen on stage. Theatre artists Eva Laporte and Zach Lewis collaborate to “surround” the play with a dynamic context (interviews, forums, installations, all-manner-of-interesting-things!) providing multiple access points to audiences and artists alike.

Bill Cain’s 2010 play 9 Circles, for instance, is based on the real-life events of an American soldier in the war in Iraq. The play asks triggering questions about the politics of personal and Patriotic life, about mental health, about status, about war, about Mercy, about the realities of warriors wounded, returning to a civilian life sometimes totally unrecognizable. So, a lot of things, right?

For the artists on the project, we will be researching and connecting to our community to fully unpack this story, and The Surround will share that experience with you. The Surround invites you in and makes you a participant in the community of storytelling. (Don’t worry, we won’t bring you on stage to dance like a chicken or anything…unless you really, really want to?)

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