New to San Antonio, this week’s AotW is South Africa-native Rebecca Iverson!

Rebecca joins The Surround Project as our production assistant for 9 Circles.

EVA: Rebecca, tell us about your hometown.

REBECCA: I’m from Port Elizabeth, a city in South Africa. It located on the coast and is extremely beautiful!
E: What brought you to the United States?

R:  Au Pairing brought me to America. I live with a family and take care of their children.

E: Where else have you lived or visited in the U.S.?

R: I’ve lived in Atlanta, Seattle and now here in San Antonio. I’ve visited California, Florida, New York and Kentucky.

E: Has anything about living here surprised you?

R: How friendly and trusting the people are as well as how safe it is!

E: Anything you expected to experience while living here?

R: I expected to see famous people everywhere. Still waiting to see one. I expected it to be beautiful and the beauty of this country blows my mind!

E: You’ve been involved with theatre for awhile now and are hoping to continue to study theatre in college. What other shows have you worked on?Processed with VSCO

R: I was involved in a number of shows such as Hairspray, Shrek the Musical, The Hiding Place, Twelfth night and Snow white.

E: What interested you about working on 9 Circles?

R: It’s such a real play and i saw it as an opportunity to learn more about mental illness and war. To gain a better understanding and earn a greater respect for soldiers. I want the audience to experience the rawness of this show. The real, honest stuff that some soldiers experience and have to deal with.

E: I hope that exact same thing. Ok, share with us a few things folks may not know about you.

Things about Rebecca!

On a typical Saturday: I’m hanging out with friends singing and dancing in their kitchen._20170505_224712 (1)

Your very favorite foods: Pizza and Chips and queso!

[uh, welcome to San Antonio! You’re sure to love it here!]

Your favorite flower: Gerbera

Your favorite color: Turquoise

The best gift you’ve ever received: Trip to Disney world!!
FB_IMG_1494042129522 (1)
Your favorite fairytale growing up: Cinderella

That’s just a bit about our production assistant Rebecca Iverson who is hard at work behind the scenes in rehearsals for 9 Circles. See the show June 15 – 25. Tickets available soon at 

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