ASL Interpreters Robert Cardoza, Jr. & Vanessa Gamboa join The Surround Project

It’s the closing weekend of The Surround Project’s production of 9 Circles by Bill Cain. As part of our mission to provide multiple points of access to our community, we have invited Robert & Vanessa to interpret the play on Saturday June 24th. Their work is so expressive and beautiful – and we’re lucky to have them on the team!

Let’s learn a bit about Robert & Vanessa!


Where are you from? I was born and raised in San Antonio, TX


What is your occupation? By day, I’m an Adult Probation Officer

with Bexar County. By night, I’m an interpreter for the deaf.

When did you first become involved with sign language and why? In 1996, I took my first American Sign Language course.  I was a music major in college and needed a foreign language.  That first ASL class lead to a 17-year career as a certified interpreter for

the deaf.

What is something you wish people would know about sign language? Sign Language is not universal. It is the language of beautiful culture.  It is a language that continues to develop with time, just like any other language.

What is your favorite thing about interpreting? By definition, to “interpret” is to explain the meaning of…  Sign language has given me the opportunity to take music, poetry, etc.  and produce it in an interpretive dance of hand movements, facial expressions, and body language.

What are some of your hobbies? I enjoy motorcycling, going to the theatre, and working on interpreting scripts. You will also often find me with a Starbucks cup in my hands.

What’s an upcoming project you’re excited about? I am super excited to announce that I have become adjunct faculty at San Antonio College, and will be teaching an Interpreting Artistic Texts course in the Fall 2017.  I am also starting ASL Nights at The Woodlawn Theatre.

I would like to thank The Classic Theatre and The Surround Project for giving my partner and me the opportunity to work alongside the actors of 9 Circles to bring deaf awareness to the community. I look forward to other projects in the future.

We look forward to working with you again too and thank you for sharing your talents with the San Antonio theatre community.


VGamboaWhere are you from? San Antonio, born and raised. 

What is your occupation? I am an American Sign Language Interpreter 

When did you first become involved with sign language and why? I first became involved with Sign Language my Sophomore year of high school. It was offered as a foreign language credit and I wanted to try it out. My teacher brought an Interpreter to class to speak to us about the profession and at that very moment, I knew what my career would be. 

What is something you wish people would know about sign language? I wish people would know that there isn’t a sign equivalent for every English word. As interpreters we are working to give the meaning of what is being said. A short spoken sentence may take longer to relay in sign. 

What is your favorite thing about interpreting?  There are several aspects that I love about my job. Meeting new people, learning new subjects, working with incredible interpreters, having the opportunities to work in non-traditional settings like plays and concerts. If I had picked any other profession I wouldn’t who I am today. 

What are some of your hobbies? First and foremost, I am Mom to beautiful twin girls, Mia and Avery. I also love spending time with my Mom and sisters, Glenda and Teri, as well as my nieces Cassandra, Nina and Kellie. 

What’s an upcoming project you’re excited about? I am excited about NOT knowing what next great opportunity awaits me. I wasn’t expecting to be put in the path of 9 Circles but here I am, and I’m incredibly grateful! 

We are grateful too! The dual ASL interpreted performance of 9 Circles is Saturday June 24 at 8pm. Tickets available at or


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