Welcome to 2018! At this time last year The Surround was born and we were hosting auditions for our first production, Bill Cain’s 9 Circles. What a year it was!

Throughout 2017, The Surround partnered with so many fantastic organizations, raised funds at our production to support our friends at Heel the Heroes, and hosted author & historian Andrew Carroll.

Most importantly, we gathered a community of artists – actors, designers, writers, and more – military and veterans, mental health professionals, and non-profit agencies together to speak about the issues in Bill Cain’s play.

This year, we are excited to share new plans and programs with you and grow the scope of our season.

In the future, I think it will be interesting to look back and note that our founding year was 2017… whatever your thoughts on politics may be, we can all agree things have changed.

The way we are talking about, and taking action on, issues has changed too. The history-making Women’s March, Black Lives Matter, global climate peril, immigration issues, #MeToo – these topics are dominating our daily lives in a new and dynamic way. Calls to action are everywhere, and it’s an amazing time for the arts to participate in these conversations.

The Surround continues to build on the mission to work on a local level, to build communities surrounding necessary topics in art, and to make partners, allies, and friends with each of you.

Let’s leave this post about last year with a positive thought. Here’s a review of just a few acts of Heroism in 2017. Here’s to the acts of community and heroism in 2018.


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