The Surround Project, a theatre collective in San Antonio, launched in 2017 with the inaugural production of Bill Cain’s critically acclaimed play, 9 Circles. Although a stack of wonderful plays was piled high in our home, we took our time to find the right story to tell next. The story and the production process have to meet several criteria:

  1. A really damn good contemporary play
  2. Small cast
  3. Examines important topics
  4. Presents opportunities to provide access to as many people as possible and partner with the community
  5. Eva and Zach have to be able to pay for it. The Surround Project won’t produce a play without paying each member of the artistic team to do their work

The stars have aligned and we’ve found the story we’re inspired to tell. Eva will direct Joel Drake Johnson’s great play, Four Places, this summer. Featuring Catherine Babbitt, Kathy Couser, Sarah Fisch, and Andrew Thornton, the play tells the story of a mother and her middle-aged children meeting for lunch, navigating secret lives and big lies, on a day that turns out to be anything but normal.


On this site, we’ll share community resources and conversations, special event invitations, and articles that dive deeper into the themes of the play. In March – May, we are fundraising to produce the play. In May, tickets will go on-sale for the public. Join us on this journey, won’t you? We can’t wait to see you at the show.


June 13 – 23, 2019

8pm — Thursday – Saturday

3pm — Sunday

TICKETS: $25 each, available May 2019

VENUE: Classic Theatre of San Antonio | 1924 Fredericksburg Rd, San Antonio, TX

The Surround Project pays each member of the artistic team. Help support local artists with your donation.

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